Joi Ito, Reid Hoffman invest in VoIP

Joi Ito and Linked In’s Reid Hoffman, in many ways have become leading indicators of what’s hot, and general predictors of where the investment dollars are going to flow. (Just talking about the hotness, not the profitness here….) Ito, was one of the earliest investors in Six Apart and other open media technologies like RSS. Hoffman’s appetite for all things new is quite well known. Social networking, blogs, RSS, vertical search, and what not – he has spread his PayPal dollars quite liberally. And now they have turned their attention to voice over the Internet technologies.

They are advisors to David Beckemeyer’s new company, TelEvolution, that makes PhoneGnome, a hybrid ATA adapter that combines the new phone (VoIP) with the old phone (PSTN) and leverages SIP technology quite affectively. I checked with David, and he said that the duo were ‘angel investors’ in the company as well. Beckemeyer is known to us VoIP bloggers as “Mr. Blog” and he and I have had different interpretation of VoIP developments. In his previous life, David was co-founder of EarthLink, where he served as Vice President Engineering and Chief Technology Officer.