Whose Verseon do you believe?

This morning I had posted a little something about return of Sabeer Bhatia and his big claim of starting a grid-computing based drug discovery company he was cooking up. I actually started thinking about this and followed up with a google search.
Now, I am not sure what’s the guy upto, but his new idea code named Verseon, seems awfully similar to what Milpitas, California based started by the name of …. surprise…. Verseon. Verseon is a three year old company founded in 2002 by Adityo Prakash and others. I actually had dinner with Adityo in San Francisco a long time ago, and recommended that he visit the Kathi Roll Company when in NY. I have hazy recollection from that dinner, and what I recall that it was not just another grid computing company. He did not tell me more, but it was very stealth. Verseon has privately received high marks from leaders in the pharma community, generating respect and quiet support for their approach and drug discovery platform. A little digging around tells me that Bhatia is recently invested some money in the company and is a minority investor. Something doesn’t add up clearly! Maybe he meant, perhaps he was going to help bring the company to India or something….