Buy Nokia 6682 Directly From Nokia

nokia6682You can buy the Nokia 6682 directly from Nokia. Someone asked me about this handset, earlier today. We all know how carriers in the US drag their feet, and most of us have to resort to import websites and pay a premium for the phone we want. I guess, Nokia thought this would be a good way to keep the upside and not have the gray market folks make all the profit. I hope all handset makers follow Nokia’s lead. Especially them Japanese handset makers who cannot seem to impress US phone companies. I would not mind buying Panasonic x800.

I love this phone, and this is the phone for me. I am intrigued by Nokia’s move to sell this phone to consumers directly. Having used it for almost a month, I love the fact that it iSyncs with my Powerbook, and can handle the Cingular network well. I have no dropped calls in Bay Area anymore, which makes me somewhat of a minority. I am assuming that it has to do with the phone. By the way, it will set you back by $599. via Russ.