I hate Outlook with the Energy Blue theme

I hate the garish Luna theme that Windows XP uses as standard so when the Energy Blue theme was released as part of the Experience Pack for the Tablet PC I jumped on it right away.  I love the Energy Blue theme, it looks elegant and stylish and well, fitting for a Tablet PC.  I have been using it for months now and something about it has been grating on my nerves and today I switched back to Luna.  Shudder.  The problem is the way Outlook appears in the Energy Blue theme.  It is totally grey and lifeless in appearance and just looks horrible, at least to me.  Contrast that with the way Outlook appears in the Luna theme and the difference is night and day.  I live all day every day in Outlook so this is a bigger deal to me than perhaps to most of you but I finally couldn’t take it any longer and switched back.  Does anybody know how to make Outlook use the Luna skin under the Energy Blue theme?  Here’s the comparison so you can see what I mean (L-R: Energy Blue, Luna):

Outlook_energy_blue Outlook_luna