CTAM Summit 2005: Caught Between The Switches

When CTAM was founded in 1976, cable wasn’t close to cool and analog video was the whole ball of wax. Nearly three decades later, cable has outstripped broadcast in video audience, some MSOs rank among the largest internet-access providers and telephony is being added to the menu. All while serving consumers a bowl of alphabet soup — DVR, VOD, SVOD, VoIP, IPG, etc.
In the old days, pitching cable was about explaining why people should pay for something they could get for free. Today, marketing cable means educating consumers about technology in addition to selling a range of service plans that could make anyone dizzy — and trying to retain multichannel video supremacy. The mixed missions were illustrated vividly Sunday night at the 22nd Annual Mark Awards for excellence in marketing. In the span of an hour, in addition to recognition for ads promoting video programming, awards were given for promos featuring a student using his Comcast video e-mail to show his parents why they should send money; a child lecturing his friends on the miracle of VOD; MTV2 Local 360 on Cox High Speed Internet and a pop-up blocker. Time Warner New York won the top prize for a campaign promoting DVR.
Our CTAM Summit coverage is sponsored by Maven Networks’ IP VOD Broadband Delivered Video Solution.