Yahoo buys Konfabulator

Yahoo has bought, Pixoria, the company behind Konfabulator, the widget application. Widgets are small web-apps that run on your desktop and retrieve information from the Internet. These tiny apps basically use all the web technologies. Pixoria used to make widgets for the Mac, but had to switch gears and go PC after Apple introduced Dashboard in its latest version of Tiger OS. Pixoria has over 1000 third party widgets plus a great platform for people to build Yahoo-enabled mini apps using our APIs) and they are a great new desktop distribution channel for Yahoo. Yahoo will keep the app as a free product, and apparently Yahoo will refunding people who purchased it in the last couple of months). Pixoria was just 3 guys – Arlo Rose, Perry Clarke and Ed Voas. This will clearly be a way for Yahoo to spread its API (OpenYahoo) into various desktop applications. Apparently the deal closed last Tuesday.. I had heard some rumblings.