What’s Yahoo’s Angle?

So by now you’ve all heard, right? Yahoo! bought Konfabulator. They’ll be offering it for free (refunds to those who paid for Version 2.0) to anyone who wants it. And yes, OS X development has been confirmed to continue. So what’s the angle here?

Yahoo is obviously in a fight for Search Dominanace with Google, but this move baffles me – what value does Yahoo see in Konfabulator? What makes it worth purchasing the company/application and giving it away?

Users of Apple’s Tiger already have Dashboard built into the operating system (love it or hate it). I’ve got both Konfabulator and Dashboard on my system. I rarely use either one, though when I do, it’s usually Dashboard, because it’s already running. Yahoo may not be worried about the smaller (but rapidly expanding) percentage of Mac users out there, but times are changing…

So that leaves the Windows platform. I guess we’ll wait and see what further power-plays Yahoo has up their sleeve. If you’re smarter than I – don’t go patting yourself on the back there – then please enlighten me (and the rest of the readers here).

But good for the Konfabulator developers. I’m sure they’ve felt a bit of pressure every since Tiger and Dashboard were announced. And while I’m sure there were diehards and devoted patrons out there – not to mention the new customers on the Windows platform – it’s probably been a bumpy ride for Arlo Rose and the gang. Yahoo has kept Flickr true to its roots. Hopefully they’ll do the same with Konfabulator.