3 Bells, 762,000 DSL Customers

Here is the scorecard – Three Baby Bells have added 762,000 new customers in past three month.

  • Verizon added 278,000 new wireline broadband connections bringing the total to 4.1 million broadband connections — a growth rate of 43.7 percent from the second quarter 2004 on a comparable basis.
  • BellSouth added 124,000 net DSL customers, bringing its total to 2.4 million. Net customer additions declined compared to the first quarter of 2005, impacted by changes in promotional activity during the first quarter and traditional seasonal slowing.
  • SBC added 360,000 DSL lines in the second quarter, versus a net gain of 315,000 DSL lines in the second quarter a year ago. It now has 6 million DSL subscribers. DSL/Internet revenues grew 21.8 percent versus the second quarter of 2004 and were up 5 percent from the first quarter of this year, showing that the low cost budget DSL is good way to lure the customers. Clearly a defensive move against cable guys who are threatening to take away market share.

By the time Qwest reports, and other small players report their total new sign-ups, we could see the new DSL connections for the second quarter 2005 touch the million mark.