BellSouth pushes DSL hard

BellSouth was the only Bell company that had a less than attractive DSL quarter in the Q2 2005. Which sort of explains why they are making a big push – via advertising – and cutting prices on its DSL packages. Its entry level offering is DSL Lite is 256Kbps down for $24.95 per month. DSL Ultra with speeds of 1.5Mbps is now available for $32.95 per month while DSL Xtreme, with downstream speeds up to 3Mbps is going for $42.95 per month. But more than all that, this news at the bottom of the press release should be an indicator of BellSouth’s future ADSL2 plus plans. “..beginning in the fourth quarter of 2005, it will offer BellSouth FastAccess DSL Xtreme 6.0, to feature downstream speeds of up to 6Mbps…”