Massive Outage hits Vonage

Update: 4.35 pst: Many users are still experiencing outages and problems. A couple have posted in the comments section.

ALERT: Apparently people can hear the dialtone, but calls don’t go through. Voicemails are offline, and other such issues as well. Most people on the Vonage Forums are complaining about lack of service. Even is down. Looks like the entire infrastructure has blanked out. The phones into the press office are not working, and website is down as well. I reached their PR agency and they had no information about the outage as well. If you are experiencing the problems, please let me know.

Vonage spokesperson just emailed me: “Vonage is having a minor website outage due to firewall policy and it will be fixed in a matter of minutes in case you receive any additional inquiries. Thanks for touching base.”

Another update from Vonage PR, “In repairing the firewall issue, there may have been very minor isolated call disruptions, such as a fast busy signal but everything should be fine now.” The litany of compliants over on the Vonage forums are out of control, and are coming from all parts of the US.

Vonage has sent out an email to customers: “At this time, some customers may be experiencing difficulty placing outbound calls. Also, access to our website may be slow or intermittent for a short time. Our engineers are aware of the issue and working on a prompt resolution. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Mark Evans adds, “Maybe it’s just me but I’m beginning to get the feeling that Vonage is becoming more vulnerable to competition and this new reality could soon be reflected in its rate of growth. Perhaps I’m paranoid but Vonage doesn’t have the buzz it once had, and perhaps its time has come and gone. Skype would be wise to learn from Vonage’s experience.”