Danny Sullivan on Tag Spam and Tag in Search

Danny Sullivan, the search engine guru, and editor of Search Engine Watch, sent me an email after he read my Technorati Tag Spam post. I thought he made some prescient comments, and here is an excerpt.

> Yep, of course tags are going to be spammed. I have simply been amazed that after years of seeing meta tag spam, Technorati and others have completely ignored that experience. (Tagging Not Likely The Killer Solution For Search ) Now Yahoo’s bought Flickr, which makes use of tagging has part of its photo organizing. Yahoo’s game of photo tag from News.com is a nice look at whether a community of taggers will help make Yahoo somehow more competitive against Google, which steadfastly hasn’t seen value in tags.

> Yahoo itself said that digital photography was secondary to its decision to buy Flickr. More important is Flickr’s technology and founding team who “get it,” said Yahoo spokeswoman Joanna Stevens. “Flickr’s strength are complimentary to Yahoo’s goals for creating next-generation services,” Stevens said.
If that’s the plan — if tagging is seen as some type of secret weapon — good luck Yahoo. I’m in the Google camp on this, and you ought to know better yourselves. Anyone on the Yahoo crawling team knows how tags have been misused in web pages. Want to talk about leveraging tags? C’mon, there are literally billions of web pages out there with tags on them already. This goes into depth on how what many assume is an advance by tagging is instead by many measures one giant step backwards.??Another Poke At Tags as Search Savior
Yahoo My Web Tagging & Why (So Far) It Sucks

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