Verizon FIOS problems anyone?

Update: WallStreet Journal has a big front page story about tinkering by the incumbents. Remember my piece, the VoIP End Run. Oh its coming… how is this for a start.

Verizon’s Fiber to the Home service, dubbed FIOS is slowly coming online, but some users are already complaining about a variety of problems with the much awaited service. IP address problems, no dial-tone, problems with third party VoIP and incompatibility with certain wireless routers are amongst the most common problems.

Jon Gales complains about a hyperactive dynamic IP that constantly resets itself which makes it difficult to work with servers/services that are authenticated by IP. I guess this is not going to cause problems for people who are using plain vanilla broadband, but if you expect to manage the servers then you got problems. Like Jon.

> I called Verizon to see what was up (this is the first time I have noticed an IP change, and it happened twice in such a short time) and they had the balls to claim that it’s a feature. Another “feature” is they make the pattern a secret. Like somehow knowing when my IP will change makes the network insecure.

This could be one way of getting consumers to up the service level to professional package, and charge more money? And this is not the only thing. There are others who say that Vonage calls drop off when running on FIOS. (That might be because of Vonage issues, but still it is something to note.) Quite a few other random complaints. There are incidents that only D-Link routers work with FIOS, and Linksys routers have some other issues as well. Here is another one:

>They told me that they’re starting to find issues with certain phones on FIOS and that I would have to go buy another phone. I said this was BS and told them to just change it back to the old copper line but they said once they switch over to fiber they can’t swicth back. BUYER BEWARE! They don’t tell this is a possibilty when you sign on. In fact they tell you that if your not satisfied you can cancel within 30 days. I now have to go out buy another business line phone for $200.00 now. Unbelievable!

I am going to follow-up with Verizon and see what’s going on, and perhaps if these are teething problems. On the flips side, FCC, having ceded complete control to the RBOCs, will really have to step-up and play the cop here. I have started a forum here, incase you have problems with Verizon FIOS.

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