The Great CRS-1 Mystery

Cisco announced its fourth quarter 2005 results today. A bit of ho-hum, with tinges of good news. The sales were up 2.1% sequentially – quarter over quarter – which means, they really need to do something big to goose up the revenues, or they are relegated to the same bin as Microsoft story – an overgrown technology company forced to give out dividends. I was most intrigued by a few things – they have 22 customers for their new CRS-1 routing platform and 14 in trials. Cisco CEO John Chambers says, “…with our highest-end routing system, CRS-1, customer response has been very strong, with over 150% sequential growth this quarter and customers continuing to expand…” Except names are hard to come by. Swisscomm is one – they issued a press release. Yahoo is another one. Sprint is one, and Comcast is rumored to by buying CRS-1 by the truckload. MCI is supposedly one of the buyers. But the rest? Its a mystery as deep as the SARS virus!

Also, that whole Nokia thing…. not true, as per John Chambers.

> While not directly referring to Nokia, Mr.Chambers stated that is was extremely unlikely Cisco would ever do a large acquisition, as it does not fit into the company’s strategy and he believes a majority of those acquisitions are unsuccessful. He went on to say that Cisco would remain active in its pursuit of acquisitions, however, those would be primarily much smaller companieswith attractive technologies.