Tim O’Reilly has built a publishing empire based on geek love. Now its time for him to face the ire of the very same geeks, who are now organizing a rival camp to Tim’s Foo Camp. “I really love the people who COME to O’Reilly events – but have you ever seen Rael or Tim at anyone else’s conference?,” asks Marc Canter, the Silicon Valley raconteur and a digital provocateur. Good point, Marc.

Russell Beattie, one of the kindest souls (when not ranting against stupidity) is more explicit when he says, “Unlike Jason, however, I’m quite upset about it. But I’m also a bit annoyed because I spent quite a bit of time and effort this past year *being* a Friend Of O’Reilly.” Jason Shellen, incidentally is the Jason mentioned in that comment.

Hey maybe its time for some geek solidarity – those who think of Marc, Dave Winer, Scoble, and Russell as friends, maybe it is time for them to step-up and decline their FooCamp invites. Say what Jeremy? Time to show, Tim, that geek giveth, and geek taketh!

Dave Winer has his say. Robert Scoble is being polite. Chris Messina thinks I am posing as media, I am spinning it. I don’t know – this is my opinion, based on what others wrote. No posing dude… you are off the mark here. 🙂 Everybody says there is no fight. Fine by me! I have heard different opinions – in private of course. Most are sanguine about the whole thing. I, personally, don’t care either way – I hope everyone goes “CAMP”ing and has fun. Tim explains what and how of Foo Camp selection process. Makes sense… it’s business after all.