Cool free app for the Tablet PC- Inkscape

Jake Ludington has long been a media guru and seems to always have something cool on the burner.  He has written a cool vector drawing program that works on Tablet PCs and other computers with a Wacom digitizer attached.  Inkscape is a complete drawing program that supports all SVG features such as alpha blending, shapes, gradients, grouping, text and cloning.  You can import and edit EPS, PostScript, JPEG, PNG and BMP files.  Inkscape is just plain fun to use and I have been having a blast messing around with the program on my Tablet PC. The program is free and while a beta I have not had any problems with it so far.  Highly recommended for Tablet PC owners!


Correction: Jake didn’t write Inkscape. Inkscape is an open-source project. (See for details.) It is based on an earlier project called Sodipodi, and its main developers are Bryce Harrington, MenTaLguY, Nathan Hurst, and Ted Gould. 

(via Matt Brubeck)