LS800 in the wild photos

It seems the Tablet PC is growing in popularity with Mac users, no doubt since Apple just won’t listen to the masses who keep asking for a Mac Tablet.  Some brave Mac owners are doing what they have to do and picking up Tablet PCs to provide the tool they need to work with ink.  Blogger and podcaster Eric Rice has recently picked up a Toshiba Tablet PC and couldn’t be happier.  He is beginning to post about his “ink enlightenment” on his blog Eric Rice (catchy name).  Another user known as TabletSwitcher has just received the new Motion LS800 and he/she has posted photos of the unveiling on his blog.  There are some nice comparison photos with other items so you get a real feel for just how small the LS800 really is.  Any other Mac users making the switch to a Tablet PC?  I’d love to hear from you.  You know, any device that can cause a long-time Mac user to pick one up and use it means there must be something to those Tablet PC things.