Google Sidebar, aka GBrowser Redux

Google Desktop Search version 2 is out. I have downloaded and installed the software, and after a day of working with it, I can safely say impressive. It does a pretty good job of indexing everything on the PCs (Mac users still out of luck, but then we have Spotlight!) The software also has a new feature – plugins, which are tiny applications that run in a sidebar and do a lot of nifty little things like check weather, help you make to-do-items and other such random stuff. The functionality logic is pretty much the same as Yahoo’s Konfabulator and Apple’s Dashboard Widgets. It can help foster a community going around the “Google” platform.

I wonder if there is need for a Google Browser anymore? Who needs an OS? After spending an entire day with the Google Desktop & Sidebar, I realized that I had only two windows open for most of the day – the browser – Firefox, and the email – Microsoft Outlook. For a few minutes, I was lulled into believing that I was not using a Windows PC. In fact, I forgot what OS I was using. I mean most of the things Google may have wanted from a browser are all here. Greg Sterling has an interesting analysis, and I agree with him. As an aside, does anyone but me see this as an obvious offshoot of Google’s very special relationship with the Firefox gang?

(My Mac readers, I have decided to put myself through a torture test once a week, that is Windows XP, in order to catch-up and try Windows applications. Hopefully I will be off PC soon!)