Google’s Jabber is Alive, works with iChat AV

Mini Review: Just had a nice chat with Jon Gales using the iChat client, and it worked perfectly. The quality of sound was great and had no feedback or anything of the sort using Powerbook’s built in Mic and speakers. Anyone have screen shots of the official GTalk application, which I believe is for Windows only. You can get it here.

Still, an hour or so later, I am wondering why I need another Voice-over-IM client, given that I don’t use the ones that I have right now as much. I think Yahoo+DialPad makes more sense. When AOL does AIM-Plus-Voice-to-the-Phone, I may use it more. Still, Google has dipped its toes in voice waters, and it will be good to see what future enhancements they come-up with. For now, Skype has nothing to worry about except its own lack of supersonic growth.

Danny Sullivan, the real Search Engine guru is not impressed and writes, “Heck, Google Talk doesn’t even feature a box to let you search for things, as rival products from AOL and Yahoo do.” My full analysis later!

gtalk A lot of people are talking via Jabber server that is sitting on I have been IMed by multiple sources who are in the process of setting up their Jabber clients. I have reports on Gaim, Adium and iChat being able to communicate via Jabber/Google Talk. You can sign-in using your Google ID which is your gmail address and password. I am having a tough time getting it up and running because of firewall issues.

gtalk2 Hopefully, will figure it out soon enough. Think of this as an update to my earlier post this morning.
Here is a screenshot. Niall has a how-to here.