Reinventing Television : Jon Stewart’s Making Fun of It Too

Wired magazine’s latest issue has a cover story on TV 2.0, the reinvention of TV with fragmenting audiences and online video and TV efforts. And with the series of three stories, it tries to convince us.

I read it in print last weekend, and was slightly perturbed at how hard Wired tried…these series is a classic example of reporters and editors (read Mr. Long Tail) having a fixed notion of what “vision” they want to push in the stories, and they would mould interviews and stories to fit that notion.

In what would have been a good discussion with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and his executive producer Ben Karlin, the writer Thomas Goetz tried hard, very hard to extract his notion of TV 2.0 out of them. Read it and you’ll know what I mean…Stewart ends up making fun of the online TV efforts too.

If you want to accuse Stewart on “not getting it“, you might be justified. But in typical Stewart style, he tries to temper (humor) down the hype in the TV 2.0 if you ask me, the joke’s on Wired, and no one else.

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