Vonage IPO Reactions

+ Mark Evans: Given VCs love liqudity events such as IPOs, you have wonder whether Vonage and CEO Jeff Citron made a strategic mistake by waiting too long to do an IPO. My take is Vonage wanted to be acquired rather than go through the IPO process.
+ Jeff Pulver: Five years ago, during the summer of 2000 after Jeffrey Citron joined the Min-X team and came in as the lead investor, he told me that he was looking at any investment with a five year time horizon.
+ Techdirt: The fact that they need so much to stay competitive, however, may point to larger problems with the business model.
+ Paul Kapustka: From here, an IPO looks dubious since it’s going to take a lot more than the $600 million Vonage is reportedly seeking to successfully battle the SBCs and Verizons of the world