Scoble is wrong about thin clients

When you cannot comprehend the revolution, you try to poo-pooh it. Scoble, having been assimilated by the borg, laments desire for thin client type functionality as a “disease that’s all the rage lately.” He thinks thick clients are coming back. Like Bell Bottoms, Disco Music and Happy Days!

Given that this meme has started to spread, time to upgrade the post from asides to a full post status. Scoble replies on his blog, ” when you get Photoshop in your browser let me know, OK? And technologies like WinFS will keep thick clients relevant for more than a decade.” Two points – how many people actually buy PhotoShop, versus people who do normal computer things like email. I guess, his argument about thin clients is classical PC myopia. I see a phone, I see a thin client. I see a broadband set-top box I see a thin client. I see a PC-replacement device the one being built by Novatium, I see a thin client.

Thick clients will be around for a long long time, bit its a market that is in a slow growth mode. If that was not the case, why would Barons of Redmond being doing backflips trying to get a piece of cell phone etc business.

Larry on Approaching Normal has his take here