Microsoft says it bought Teleo

Today might be a good day to yell “touchdown.” Two months ago, I had reported that Microsoft had been eyeing Teleo, a small San Francisco-based VoIP provider. Now finally, there is a confirmation via C/Net

“We’ve been making a lot of investments in voice, but as we looked at continuing…we had that build or buy discussion,” said Brooke Richardson, lead product manager for MSN’s communication services division. “We decided that if we wanted to do things rapidly, Teleo was a good fit.”

According to, Teleo’s technology is going to become part of the MSN Messenger platform. That is keeping in line with what I had speculated.

Teleo is very similar to Microsoft’s Communicator which works well with others Microsoft offerings such as Outlook. But that is primarily an enterprise product, and has been a big area of focus for Microsoft. I am pretty sure Microsoft is looking for ways to add VoIP capabilities to some of their consumer offerings.