Books Emerge The Most Preferred Online Shopping Category In India

News Release: First things first. The Internet and Online Association of India (IOAI) has changed its name to Internet and Mobile Association of India. It denotes how mobile has become an integral part of online media.
Back to the release: According to a recent survey by the Internet & Online Association of India (IOAI) or IAMAI and Cross Tab Marketing Services, books was the most popular category among online shoppers.
According to the online survey of Internet shoppers and their buying habits, 41% of the respondents had bought books online, while 44% indicated that they were likely to buy them in the near future.
The Top 10 Online Shopping Categories
Books 41%
Electronic Gadgets 40%
Railway Tickets 39%
Apparel Accessories 36%
Apparel 36%
Gifts 35%
Computers & Peripherals 33%
Airline Tickets 29%
Music 24%
Movies 21%
So why are books such a hot item on the Internet? The main reason of course is that demand for books is growing by leaps and bounds. The country’s publishing industry sells around Rs 3,000 crore (2004-05) worth of books today.