US, still the bandwidth daddy

US consumers maynot have ample bandwidth, but from the looks of it, when it comes to sheer capacity, US is still the bandwidth big-daddy. This data collected by Telegeography says it all. Of course, it doesn’t mean anything to consumers who are thirsty for bandwidth! That’s the irony, isn’t it!

Top Internet Hub City: London, 1.1 Tbps bandwidth, 439 Gbps peak traffic.
Top Internet Hub Country: United States, 1.4 Tbps bandwidth, 704 Gbps peak traffic.
Top Internet Route: London – New York, 320 Gbps bandwidth, 153 Gbps peak traffic.
Top Region for Traffic Growth: Latin America, 70% average growth.
Top ISP by Autonomous System Connectivity: MCI, 3,102 connections.
Top ISP by Number of Countries Connected: AT&T, 52 countries.
Cheapest Place to Buy GigE Backbone Access: United States, $13 per Mbps per month
Highest International Bandwidth per Capita: Denmark, 38 Kbps per person.

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