Does Apple pass the Community test?

When reading this piece in the Wall Street Journal about the Konfabulator, I wondered if Apple fails the community test, as out lined by Robert Young earlier this week.

Imitation, as far as Mr. Rose is concerned, had nothing to do with flattery in this case. A former Apple programmer, Mr. Rose says he was “steamrolled” by Dashboard.When word of Dashboard first leaked out in the Apple programmer community, nearly a year before Tiger’s official release, it seemed Mr. Rose’s former employer was poised to decimate the population of Konfabulator users. “All I can say is I was grumpy,” he recalls.

I had earlier argued that Dashboard was a good example of Apple biting the hand that feeds. Watson search being replaced by Sherlock was another example. The new iTunes has features such as Outlook sync which should put a pinch on some indy developers. I do understand it is a tough balancing act, but Apple is one of those companies which I personally think needs to do more to embrace and extend its community. But that’s just me – others might feel differently!