FIM-IGN: React, More Details

Mercury News: In an interview, IGN CEO Mark Jung says the company probably will expand its 320-person staff — about half are in the Bay Area — as part of the integration with News Corp. Jung will report to FIM president Ross Levinsohn. He told the Merucry News that IGN had multiple options but that IGN chose News Corp. because meshed with IGN’s own youth market strategy. “The combination of MySpace and IGN, for instance, are going to dominate the connection to young audiences online. … The audience is quickly drifting away from traditional media to the Internet. Young adults only have so many hours in the day and they are spending more time on the Internet. If you ignore this trend, you are locked out of the market.”
Understatement of the day: News Corp. “has stated that it wants to expand into the Internet.”

NY Times: The Times’ Richard Siklos does a little math and figures out that News Corp. has spent nearly $1.5 billion in just seven weeks. News Corp. President and COO Peter Chernin told the Times and IGN represented were “the two biggest pieces of traffic that were available and seemed relevant to our demographics.” Chernin says the challenge now is figuring out how to integrate the new businesses and make the best use of them. (Safe to say, a lot of effort has already gone into that direction and they aren’t starting from scratch today. But the News Corp. meeting going on today and tomorrow is about making sure the top leadership across the company is on board and feels like they have a stake in the planning.)
Also from Chernin: “We’re a scrappy entrepreneurial company at the beginning of something. Do we consider ourselves competitors with Yahoo and Google? No.”
Not in the story, the key words here are “scrappy” and “entrepreneurial” — by thinking that way, News Corp. has been able to act like a nimble, small company instead of a big ship that takes days to turn around.

Game Biz Daily: Asks seven “significant questions” from the gaming perspective — and answers them. Number 3: How much pressure will News Corp put on IGN to be profitable? “In short, a lot. … For IGN, the future is today (excuse the cliche). All of IGN’s promise, demographic appeal, and reader loyalty need to start paying off sooner rather than later. The climate has dramatically changed, and that could affect the company from top to bottom.”
Also, wonders
if IGN will expand into TV. “Note to G4: this is the time to get in gear and improve the overall quality of network programming. Otherwise, that speck in your rear-view mirror may soon grow into a giant IGN-branded semi.”