SunRocket hit by problems, again

The fledgling VoIP technology is not ready for prime time as yet. The proof of this came today when dozens of Sun Rocket, a Vienna, VA-based VoIP service provider reported extended outages, and expressed their dismay. This is not the first time VoIP users have had to deal with these problems. Broadvoice, Vonage and AT&T’s Callvantage at some point or the other have managed to go on the blink. Even Sunrocket had reported some problems earlier.

Ryan Thrash, who seemed to be pretty happy with the concept of SunRocket, writes,
> “The service itself has been decidedly flakey. Requiring rebooting their “Gizmo” router numerous times… at least once every two weeks it seems. There is no way I would ever recommend them at this point for anyone remotely not up their in their “internal geek” level.”

Another user, Ed Siebold, angry at the outages writes in an email:
> “SunRocket may be in the Baltimore but their service is very poor. I have had the service for about three months and average at least one day a week with no service. Additionally, I can never get through to the customer service either by phone (thank goodness for my cell) or via online.”

When I checked with the company, spokesperson Brian Lustig admitted that they were having glitches and were working on fixing the problems. He did not specify what exactly was the problem, and the company was investigating the issues, and promised to keep us posted.