Why not Skapple?

Given that Skype is being coupled with everyone from Yahoo to EBay, VoIP analyst Jon Arnold says, Why Not Apple, or what he defines as “Skapple.”

With all that’s going on, here’s the one that makes some sense to me – Skype and Apple. I haven’t seen or heard about that combo yet, and it’s just my thinking, but I like it. Just look at the companies, their cultures, their leaders, their audience. It all fits – if you recall, at VON Canada, Jeff Pulver noted that Niklas Zennstrom is the Steve Jobs of VoIP – Skype is the iPod of our space. It’s all true – they’re both visionary guys, with maverick, upstart companies that are reinventing their spaces with offerings that are fun, good, easy to use, and wildy popular. I can certainly see ways they could work together. How about downloading iTunes to Skype? Or custom ring backs? Of course, these are the kinds of things that the Skype developer community is frantically working on now, and no doubt more cool stuff like this is in the works. How about bundling Skype with the iPod?

Okay, this is wishful thinking, which would be nice, but unlikely. Apple, like everyone else needs to hang on to their dollars in order to compete, with well everyone. I don’t think at this point it would serve Apple’s long term goals to buy Skype and mess with the phone companies. In addition, I think again, like everyone else, the decision will come down to build-versus-buy.

Another interesting post on why it makes sense for Skype-eBay, and others that disagree. Skype’s super valuation might be justified, some argue. No not as far as I can see!