Media Executive Interview Series: Hilary Schneider, Knight Ridder

schneider1.gifWe’ve recently launched a new monthly media executive interview series.
It is being brought in association with The Jordan, Edmiston Group.

This is the second one…Hilary Schneider is the Senior Vice President of Knight Ridder (KR) and has long been regarded as one of the most visionary newspaper industry executives on the subject of newspapers in the digital age. She was recently elevated from the position of CEO of Knight Ridder Digital (KRD) to one of the four lieutenants under KR CEO Tony Ridder. Along with fellow senior VP Art Brisbane, she is among the two most likely to succeed 64-year old Ridder when he retires, as Ridder mentioned in a recent cover story in Editor & Publisher magazine.

KRD has been profitable for several years now, and in the first half of 2005, its online revenue is up approximately 55%. Under Schneider’s direction, KRD’s revenue grew more than 45% in 2004.

An interview with Schneider focusing on KR’s local strategy and its strong push in online classifieds business…more here.

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