Google Blog Search, Truveo & Snap Shopping

Within hours expect Google just launched Blog/RSS Search. The service is available at Google BlogSearch and Search.Blogger.Com. The latter is a Blogger specific version Blogger-branded UI of blogsearch. This is a move that preempts Yahoo’s pending launch of RSS Search, which is supposed to come sometime before the end of the month. This I am pretty sure will turn the heat up on the likes of Icerocket. More from the Search Engine Blog, and Niall Kennedy.

In More Search News:

*, an IdeaLab company, is about to come out with a new shopping comparison channel, Snap Shopping. This is part of the continuing proliferation of cost-per-action model, meaning that advertisers only pay for qualified buyers, not web surfers. The site is here.

* Truveo, a pretty nifty video search service has launched. Founders include Tim Tuttle, formerly of Bang Networks, a data streaming start-up that didn’t go anywhere, but had cool technology. Advisors include Rajeev Motvani, a Stanford professor and search zen master how also advised Google founders back in the day.