ML Media Conference: Tom Freston, Co-COO, Viacom

Tom Freston, Viacom’s co-COO (and in line to be the CEO of the new Viacom) spoke at the Merrill Lynch Media & Entertainment conference earlier this week, and stressed the online component like his colleague Moonves. (his archived webcast is here)

MediaWeek: Interactive media will be a major component of the new Viacom, Freston said, adding that getting content on wireless devices like PDAs and mobile phones will allow the company “to be everywhere our audiences are” while automatically reinforcing the strength of Viacom’s various network brands. “This is easily the fastest growing part of company and an area of keen focus…and we’re improving on this every single day,” Freston said. “This is to us the trend of trends.”

MTV Overdrive: Of the few months since it has been launched, we’re well into seven figures, both in terms of revenues and audience figures.

— Wireless continues to be a big driver for MTV..we’re continuing to forge relationships with Virgin Mobile, Verizon, China Mobile, NTT DoCoMo. Wireless businesses are already brining in $100 million a year, and we’re just getting warmed up in the space.

— Digital: Will be looking for more acquisitions…reasonably sized that fit seamlessly within our framework, much on the lines of Neopets.

— IPTV: No a la carte deals with the likes of SBC and Verizon, but full slate of 26 channels in U.S…we’re in talks with all the players in this field.