MSN, AOL doesn’t mean 1+1=11

Is it me or does anyone else see the irony in this? One media conglomerate aka News Corp. is buying into the Internet, and spending cash like a drunken diva let loose on Rodeo Drive with a Black AmEx. And Time Warner, looking for an out, if that is the case. The talk of MSN-AOL makes me think that 1 and 1 don’t add up to 11. With know-nothing trouble makers like Carl Icahn barracking for short term gains, who knows anything is possible. (Carl, by the way should just stick to pillaging airlines – this Internet thing is something he doesn’t get. XO anyone?) By the way, Light Reading is reporting that AOL is ready to launch a consumer VoIP offering, that doesn’t need AOL online service, or even a computer. Sort of like one more headache for Vonage. Using AOL as a sales channel, even a few hundred thousand customers should help prop up the decline in dial-up revenues. Good move! (Disclosure: I work for Business 2.0, which like AOL is owned by Time Warner.)