EMI: Inside a Digital Makeover

A good story on the re-tooling of EMI, the third-largest music label, hinging on digital and mobile music. EMI Music CEO Alain Levy sees five digital business models emerging so far: downloads to PCs, downloads to mobile, subscriptions, ring tones, tunes (original songs), ringbacks and P2P.

And some good words for our dear friend Ted Cohen, who heads all the digital efforts at the company…Using Cohen’s expertise, the company is now testing a prototype in the United States (it is already using mobile locational tech startup WideRay’s technology for this in UK) that would allow a customer entering a store the option of opening his or her cell phone to “pings” including click-on songs, ring tunes or artist biographies, all catering to the tastes of repeat customers. Cohen is also working with Microsoft on a service for airports that allows passengers to upload five hours of music to rent, with an option to mark certain songs to buy.

EMI has also been more optimistic than other record giants, predicting last year that digital music would account for up to 25 percent of revenue in five years.