Europe’s Next Gen Telecoms

Forget British Telecom, Telecom Italia and French Telecom. Instead think Home Choice, Fast Web and Iliad, who represent a new breed of European telecoms who are bringing the high-speed triple play future to consumer homes. Its the same in Asia as well, where Yahoo BB and soon Tata Teleservices and Reliance Infocomm will join the party. Newsweek looks at the fledgling phenomenon in their story, Hip New Ma Bells. Well, the headline could use some help, but otherwise, its a pretty good update on the multimedia ambitions of telecom companies world wide. Newsweek laments that US telecoms are lagging, but then we know that. I wish they had done a little more digging, and they would have found that in the US also there are tons of small companies that are doing the “triple-play thing.” Why… I even wrote about this back in March. Surewest in Sacramento, is one such company.