ActiveWords InkPad 1.5 released

ActiveWords is one of those programs that you just can’t live without once you get it configured exactly like you want it.  The unique shortcut / launching / scripting program is hard to describe but easy to get hooked on.  I have been using a beta version of the InkPad 1.5 for a good while now and for Tablet PC owners there is no better way to control your Tablet with just the pen.  ActiveWords has now released the gold version of the InkPad 1.5 at Demo, details in the press release:

ActiveWord Systems, Inc. ( ), the leading developer of Windows(R) software that accelerates productivity, today announced ActiveWords Inkpad Version 1.5 for Tablet PCs from the dais of DEMOfall, the prestigious technology entrepreneurial conference.

In essence, Inkpad makes the Tablet PC pen input mode as productive as the keyboard mode. Inkpad works like the company’s flagship ActiveWords software, which allows users to devise a personalized system for using words to navigate to folders, files, programs, and web-based services; send email; substitute text; and carry out virtually any desired action. ActiveWords intuitively “sees” words entered from the keyboard and automates processes related to the words. Inkpad now does exactly that for pen input on a Tablet PC.

“We’re pleased with the work ActiveWords is doing on the Tablet PC” said Frank Gocinski, Business Development Manager for Microsoft’s Mobile Platforms Division, “ActiveWords InkPad is an example of innovative design for natural input that makes mobile users more productive throughout the day.”

Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMOfall 2005, said Inkpad was selected from hundreds of companies to present at the conference because, “On the desktop, ActiveWords is a great convenience. In the Tablet PC environment, however, ActiveWords InkPad is transformative, bringing greater efficiency and a new level of usability to the tablet UI. No Tablet PC should ship without this software.”

According to Buzz Bruggeman, ActiveWords co-founder and chief evangelist, “Everyone seems interested in pen input computing on a Tablet PC, but two barriers have slowed adoption: (1) price and (2) none of us want to reinvent the wheel and learn to control everything with a pen.  Now the price differentiation is slender and ActiveWords with InkPad eliminates the sole remaining barrier after price. You can now be equally productive with a pen as you are with a computer keyboard.”

Peter Weldon, ActiveWords President, notes, “The InkPad shows why ActiveWords is the easiest and fastest way to get what you want on any computing device. Just enter words and make things happen. The next step is to integrate the instantaneous results and personalization of ActiveWords across PDAs and cell phones, giving you continuous access to your ActiveWords on all of your devices.”

ActiveWords Inkpad is free for users of ActiveWords PLUS and ActiveWords ENTERPRISE products. ActiveWords InkPad requires Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. A 60-day free trial is available by download at An ActiveWords PLUS version license sells for $49.95 USD for individual users. An ActiveWords ENTERPRISE annual license sells for $29.95 USD per seat per year for enterprise users.