@ DH: Speaking To The Turner People

Had a short meeting with the Turner online and mobile biz dev team–Bill Stratton, John Harran, and James Glassock–today at Digital Hollywood: the group is responsible for all off-TV efforts of Turner brands, including CNN.com, CartoonNetwork.com, AdultSwim, TBS, TNT, Gametap, Nascar.com, PGA.com and other sites. The trinity of the distributed efforts of Turner (as opposed to say the more centralized ones like CBS, Fox to some extent, or even NBC) focus on news, entertainment and sports.

Interesting chat but too much background noise to be audible as the audio recording I have…the big picture vision for Turner is the “branded environment” a phrase I’ve heard from every TV executive during the last few months. The company has some good success with sites like CartoonNetwork and even with that, the AdultSwim chunk of programming, and both sites have started doing a bunch of original programs for online.

Bill mentioned that the model for Turner can never be a black and white paid-vs-free debate, but will be a hybrid of all these models (he mentioned this in context with the CNN.com efforts).

Anyway, the execs held back on a lot of details, so we’ll have a more detailed conversation down the line…

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