Palm being sued over Treo

treo650This just in…. things are getting decidedly bad in the Palm-land. Disgruntled users are suing the handheld/smart phone maker over all the technology related issues. According to the documents filed with the Superior Court of The State of California in the county of Santa Clara, the complaint centers around three basic problems.

In fact, these phones suffered from extremely poor sound quality and buzzing, choppiness, speakerphone problems, poor and broken screens, phone crashes, software crashes and electrical surges. When Palm replaced phones in response to these problems they replicated the problems by providing consumers refurbished phones subject to identical issues.

A lot of bloggers had previously complained about Treo. Mary Hodder’s post on Treo is here. Engadget had reported Treo 650’s memory problems back in November 2004.

Full complaint here!