Tony Li, Found At Portola

Cisco’s uber geek, Tony Li, has landed at a new start-up called Portola, reuniting with his former comrade in arms, Vito Palermo. Two of them worked together in the router start-up, Procket Networks, which despite all the dollars in the world, did not make a dent in Cisco’s market share. Li also worked at Juniper Networks. I had exclusively reported last week that Li had left Cisco, but wasn’t sure where he was headed. Business Week fills in the gaps. While, Li is known for his router chops, he is now stepping into the software world.

So now he is focusing on a new problem: developing software to help consumers get whatever they want off the Net, and have it delivered to whichever devices they desire. Palermo says Portola will first focus on developing this “Internet Entertainment Delivery System” to handle movies, followed by music videos and then computer games.

Apparently, in an email to some of his cohorts at Cisco, he wrote that his next company would be “Mac friendly.”