Just an Observation

I was checking my feeds and saw something in the “Enjoying” list on WhatDoIKnow.org that got me thinking a little bit. The gear-turner went like this:

“Well how about that. Microsoft has released a web developer toolbar for IE.”

Isn’t that kind of sad? I mean, Firefox came out, and passionate users hit the code editors and created a web developer toolbar in short order. Granted, Firefox isn’t platform dependant, but people loved that software enough to help make it better. When’s the last time you saw that – a quality example – for the Windows platform?

Admittedly, I’m a bit biased here. Yeah, I love my Mac and all that Apple has to offer, but I’m also a daily Windows user. I’ve got at least 50 hours a week on Windows while at work. In an effort to make that experience a little better – ala OS X – I’ve scoured download.com and versiontracker to find some elegant and useful apps and utilities. They’re just not there, and the ones that are usually cost $20, plus or minus…and have yet to match the quality of the free and open source offerings on the OS X side!

It’s like the kid who throws a birthday party, but when everyone gets there, there’s no presents for the birthday boy. He’s gotta rely on his parents to get him some. Sad.