SBC: Free Voice Is Bunkum

SBC COO Randall Stephenson might think that $4 billion is nothing, but when he says, “This seems to come up every so often. We always look at this, we are kind of old-fashioned network telephone types. The reality is that there is a lot of cost behind providing these services ….As long as there is a cost attached to it [the connection into the home], free is just illogical to me,” the man makes a lot of sense. Stephenson’s swipe was at Rupert Murdoch, who told the same Goldman Sachs Conference attendees that voice will be free within three years. Murdoch’s new found love for Internet & VoIP will soon wane, much like his “fascination of China.” Y’all remember the first time he fell in love with online, bought Delphi and ran it into ground. via IP Democracy