Six Apart Plans New Blogging Platform For Early ’06

Six Apart hopes to launch its new blogging platform — code name Project Comet — in early 2006, possibly fulfilling some of the community-blogging promise suggested by the acquisition of LiveJournal earlier this year. Co-founder Mena Trott explains: “We’ve taken the stuff we’ve learned from the community features of LiveJournal and mixed them with the publishing features of Movable Type and TypePad. And we’ve made it extremely media-rich. Adding photos, audio, books and music reviews, etc., is as easy as dragging and dropping files into your posting screen.” They’re also adding privacy features to allow some or all sections of a blog to stay off the grid. (Typepad already has a no-publicity feature but, as a friend of mine learned when he got picked up by Google Blog Search, it’s far from failsafe.)
Among other things, the idea is to add a comfort factor to blogging. DEMOfall attendees got a first look Wednesday night with co-founder Mena Trott’s mother doing the demo to show that anyone familiar with computers can blog. (I’m supposed to write that it’s so easy even a mother can do it but I’m not falling into that trap. My mom reads the newsletter.)
Typepad also lowered its rates and offered a free gift subscription for anyone renewing now. It looks like they’re trying to bulk up in advance of the new platform, which will be covered by current subscriptions. Worth noting more subscribers and more traffic should only enhance Six Apart’s value as an acquisition. Not trying to start anything, mind you.
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