Treo 650 and Tiger

Frog Treo

I’ve recently acquired a Treo 650. It’s quite neat. What follows is a collection of a few useful resources and lessons learned, getting the Treo working with Mac OS X Tiger:

  • Synchronizing the Treo 650 through iSync: Method 1:

    • Despite what various sources will tell you, you might consider getting rid of and/or back-up any previous Palm-related software, library files in ~/Library and /Library, and other data and configuration in ~ and ~/Documents.
    • Try performing the entire installation process as an admin user, with your Treo 650 plugged into the USB port. I believe this is most helpful for the “Enable Palm OS Syncing…” step in iSync. The first time selecting this option appears to trigger Tiger to try to install some components, and it would appear Apple forgot to check and ask for Administrator privileges.
    • setup iSync: If you’re using Tiger, you’ll need to download the
      latest Palm Desktop from Palm (the one on the CD-ROM is not
      compatible with Tiger). Install that, then in isync find the “Enable
      Palm…” menu option under devices, and select that.
    • using the usb cable, sync once from isync (click sync in isync,
      then click hotsync on the treo).
    • follow these directions to get bluetooth sync working
  • The Bluetooth aspect of Method 1 did not quite work for me. It’s worked fine for other people. So your mileage may vary. To make a long story short, HotSync Manager was unable to show me a Bluetooth-PDA-Sync-port connectivity option. I did have a Bluetooth-PDA-Sync connectivity option. Despite my monkeying in Bluetooth preferences, I couldn’t get the Treo to Sync over Bluetooth. Method 2 saved me.
  • Synchronizing the Treo 650 through iSync: Method 2: Buy MarkSpace’s “The Missing Sync” for Palm OS. It fixed all my issues, is far simpler and more elegant. After pulling my hair like a mad man throughout tribulations of Method 1, Missing Sync was a most welcome breath of fresh air. It’s $39.95. Check out their side-by-side comparison. Note: when they mention “Internet Sharing”, they’re talking about enabling your Treo to leverage your computer’s Internet connection. I’d love to find a way to somehow pipe the Treo’s Wireless 3G data connectivity over bluetooth, to the laptop, thereby giving me “in-a-pinch” Internet access just about anywhere. Has this been done? Either way, my Treo 650 doesn’t allow me to create a “New Connection”. I believe it is locked.

I’ve started to explore the following Palm applications:

  • pssh – Free, Open-Source ssh client. Supports SSH2. To import an RSA private key, open-up the Palm Desktop application, create a Memo entry, paste your key into it, sync the Palm. Open PSSH on the Palm, click the Menu button, select Public Keys…, Click [Import…]. Select your key from the listed Memo Pad entries.
  • UpIRC IRC client. Works well.

Which other Palm apps should I be using?

Finally, I have to mention that EarthLink Total Access for Treo is quite cool. EarthLink also ships a more stable mail program with the Treo 650, called “MailBox”. All Treo650s otherwise ship with a program called “VersaMail”. While toying around with it, I’ve noticed it has a nasty habit of adding a semi-colon ; after each e-mail address, which is thoroughly non-compliant with the SMTP protocol, and causes many SMTP servers to choke over emails it sends. VersaMail does have a couple of interesting advanced filtering features, which I personally find don’t make-up for its shortcoming.

I would expect most companies who carry the Treo 650 offer their own mail application, be sure to ask ahead.