End of Palm As We Know It

treo700Palm, the company that ignited the handheld computer market, capitulated today, and switched away from its own house OS to a Windows Mobile operating system. In other words it has just become yet another Windows-handheld device maker, and lost its “unique selling point.” Proof, that Microsoft eventually wins. Microsoft’s in-house spin-meister won’t even have to spin this one. For this highlights the miscues and missed opportunities for a company that at one point was the market. This is continuation of a ‘confusing’ messages from Palm. Today, given its financials, and shoddy products, it is hard for me to convince myself to take a flier on Palm’s Windows Mobile phone when I have more proven options from UTStarcom, and Hewlett-Packard and HTC? I know those two will be around for a long time, and are unlikely to do a bait-and-switch on the consumer. And they have better solutions anyway? The value of the Palm brand name is no more that the value of Napster as a brand. (Adi, corrected me and said, HTC is making Treo 700w!)