Google Streaming UPN’s Premiere Of New Chris Rock Show

It just wouldn’t be Monday — or any day — without a surfeit of Google news… In a sense, much of it centers on a shift from being a conduit to other sites to being that plus a destination. The latest example: From now through Sept. 29, Google Video is housing the online stream of the premiere Everybody Hates Chris, the Chris Rock-show for UPN that’s among the top buzz generators this fall. The launch page for the video is extremely un-Google — bold and bright instead of lots of white space. (Search Engine Watch via John Battelle.) Press release.
When I clicked in, the show launched fast with a fairly large, clear image. I’ve had it on as a type and no buffering problems so far. I wasn’t this impressed when I checked out the Google Video Viewer a few months ago. Turns out this is being done in Flash. Inside GoogleRich Ziade has the scoop. (via Inside Google) The move to Flash erases the problems Google was having delivering its own viewer across platforms.
More on Google in a bit.