Google Preps Move Into Classifieds Search

Google is asking classified advertising sites, including CareerBuilder and Adicio, for direct feeds of listings, according to an alert from newsletter Classified Intelligence Report. Richard Castellini, CareerBuilder VP-consumer marketing, told CIR talks are continuing and that Goole hasn’t shared its timetable. Terry Baker, Adicio VP-sales and marketing, said his company is working on a coordinated response with affiliates with sites powered by CareerCast; that includes Dow Jones and NYTCO. As far as he knows, none of them have decided to cooperate with Google. Google’s discussions aren’t limited to recruiting sites.
CIR’s John Zappe writes: “Commercial classifieds sites such as CareerBuilder, and others have to weigh the additional audience Google could deliver against the potential loss of revenue. Analysts, including us, predict that advertisers will move to free sites if they become convinced that they will reach an audience as large – or larger – on a search engine than on a paid advertising site.”
Baker told CIR that’s why the company and some of its larger clients are looking at alternatives including pay for performance rather than pay for distribution.