Despatch 13: In-Fusio’s Chris Boden On Mobile Gaming Market

There was an interesting presentation by Chris Boden, Vice Presdent – Asia, In-Fusio, the French mobile gaming giant, at the recent Mobile Gaming Conference in New Delhi. It had an overview of the global mobile gaming market, the challenges and the future drivers for growth.
According to Boden, the global mobile gaming is a 1.7 billion euro market (2005), pretty large for In-Fusio-like players, but small for video games publishers, and very small for operators and manufacturers (So what are the new trends according to Boden?
– Move to outsourcing game channel management to specialists
– Operators taking on an editorial function
– Realisation of the need for dedicated entertainment and game engines such as EGE and others
– Upgrade of systems to enable subscription billing
– Flat-rate data packages being considered
– Specific games marketing starting to happen slowly
– Slowly starting to see co-operation between publishers, handset manufacturers and operators to address the current challenges and grow the market, for example this mobile gaming conference.
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