30Gigs Email for Free.. Approach With Caution

The Internets are buzzing about this free email service 30Gigs.com, that plans to give people 30 gigabytes of email storage, aka 15 times what Google offers with its Gmail service. The new service shows how commoditized the hardware, especially storage has become. Still, as may grandfather used to say, nothing in life is free. Not even email. I urge readers to use caution when signing up for this service. Couple of things to make you pause before you sign-up. Neowin users are pointing them out.

In addition, if you do a whois look-up on their domain name, you find it was registered only on September 21, 2005. Makes you wonder how robust this service is going to be, given is brief life thus far. (Maybe I am reaching….!) I did a quick look-up of the “physical address” and the company is based in a “corporate housing complex” in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Still, the idea of free 30 gigs of storage, is quite tempting… imagine what you could do with it!

Update: Since I first posted, the site has gone offline. I tracked down the man behind the company, Dan Saltzman, spoke to him, on his Louisiana area-code phone #, but did not get too satisfactory answers on this. When I asked him, how they are going to pay for it, he said, “we have a method of paying for it.”