Fox Interactive Asks What If — And Answers With A Purchase

The latest in the News Corp acquisition spree (or at least the latest to come out): is the latest company acquired by Fox Interactive Media — the News Corp. internet division hasn’t announced this one officially yet — but, as reported first by the Cincinnati Enquirer, the sports simulation site is now part of FIM. No terms so far … More than 350,000 people have signed up for the free membership that gives them access to some features and the right to pay for others. As the story mentions, it is a very small deal, a “rounding error” in the $1.5 billion on acquisitions Fox-News Corp has spent till now.

WhatIfSports specializes in simulating games between past and present teams and in SimLeagues, which allow users to put together their own fantasy teams and play against 23 other teams. Founded in 1999, WhatIfSports brings with it some technology, a user base and deals with, NASCAR and others. It also follows the FIM pattern of acq-hiring the staff — including founder Tarek Kamil.