Iger’s Disney Era Starts; Focus on Digital

(sub. req.): A new ear starts at Disney: new CEO Bob Iger started today, adn as this WSJ story mentions, the focus will be, to a large extent, on digital efforts. Under Eisner, Disney took a more conservative approach …Iger believes Disney’s future still lies in its entertainment content, but he wants the company to move to deliver it in new ways, in spite of the short-term turmoil it might bring.

Among the ideas being discussed at Disney’s headquarters: Selling hit TV shows online, perhaps for use on portable video devices. That may include providing shows for devices like an iPod that would play video — something that Apple Computer could announce by the end of the year, says the story.

Disney executives also have been debating whether to join the media industry’s rush to buy Internet properties. During one conference call, staffers were asked to suggest online properties Disney should be looking at.

USA Today: Iger already ignited a fierce debate recently by suggesting he might cut down the time between a movie’s theatrical run and its release on DVD. Closing that window would help battle piracy — and help control marketing costs. But theater owners were outraged.