Newsgator buys NetNewsWire

Update: here is the confirmation. Existing NetNewsWire full-version customers will receive a free 2-year paid subscription to NewsGator Online. Yup, good enough reason to switch to NewsGator from Bloglines. “Synchronization is set to be the killer feature of the next generation of feed reading software,” said John Gruber, author of the popular Mac weblog Daring Fireball.

Richard asked about who is on the menu for Newsgator? He has many guesses and one of them is right: Ranchero Software, the company behind Mac-a-licious RSS reader NetNewsWire. Sources in Silicon Valley tell me that this deal is pretty much done, and expect the deal to be announced sometime on Wednesday at Web 2.0. Greg Reinacker refused to comment. This is going to be a major coup for Newsgator, because NNW is the default gold standard in MacRSS space. This deal would be very much of the same caliber as Newsgator’s acquisition of Bradbury Software, the maker of Feed Demon, a Windows only RSS reader. Back then, I posted this question: Will Newsgator finally buy a Mac desktop application and fill out the obvious hole in its product portfolio. With NNW, Newsgator fills that hole, and in swoop enhances the value of Newsgator Online. Syncing across the platforms? That would be nice. Stay tuned for further details!